Transformational Learning Collaborative

Transforming the world one child at a time

Life Mission: Build a world of loving, socially-emotionally-ethically mature, high-functioning people. We can and must help educate our children to become empowered to be their best selves and make the world the best it can be.

Do you want your child to love learning, be well-prepared for the future, be a good person?

Transformational Learning Collaborative is a year-round community school

Our aim is to:

  • Develop curious, engaged, deep-thinking individuals
  • Empower youth to reach their highest level of school and life performance
  • Foster empathic, ethical, high-functioning, participatory citizens

Through the use of strategic educational tactics with a social-emotional centric focus.

We accomplish this by:

  • actively addressing students as physical, intellectual, social, emotional, moral, and spiritual beings
  • building self-discipline and social-emotional intelligence through school structure and milieu, effective daily curricula, wrap-around programming, and service learning
  • utilizing a student-centered focus evident in all decisions made
  • exploring relevant material with a focus on cooperative projects and independent pursuits
  • having teachers as a resource and inspirer versus sole purveyor of information
  • focusing on building habits of the mind
  • promoting deep understanding through experiential- and arts-based methods
  • flexible use of time and spaces
  • actively preparing for 21st century requirements
  • intentionally developing critical and creative thinking skills
  • involving students, parents, and community members in school governance and education

Building students who will:

  • be joyously and actively engaged in their learning
  • think critically and creatively
  • exceed learning benchmarks
  • pursue knowledge independently and retain and apply what they learn
  • have a strong sense of self-esteem and purpose
  • make effective, positive, behavioral choices
  • develop healthy peer and adult relationships
  • be very well-prepared for their future endeavors
  • contribute to global wellness

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